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August 8th, 2008
Posted by Amateur teens in Amateur Teens

Wow have I got a treat for y’all today. Now I know not all of you are big into the NN (non-nude) thing, but trust me, this is one non-nude model that you need to check out. Gents, meet Blue Eyed Cass. As you can see she’s a hot young brunette who’s new to the game, but she knows how to tease, and those piercing blue eyes!

Blue Eyed Cass updates her site every week with fresh photos, and you can catch Blue Eyed Cass in her sexy videos too! Check her out now!

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July 6th, 2007
Posted by Amateur teens in Amateur Teens

Good morning! Sleep well? I didn’t I was up all damn night thinking of this mornings teen to post and here’s what I came up with. After a long night of tossing and turning over what I which sexy teen I was going to deliver to you girls today, I decided that Pure Dee was the perfect candidate. There’s nothing about this girl that isn’t just amazing. From her sexy feet, to her tight teen ass, up to her PERFECTLY round breasts, Pure Dee is amazing all over. She’s just the perfect sexy teen if you ask me.

Busty, fit, and blonde. Damn. If that’s not the perfect recipe for sexy I don’t know what I’m talking about. Once you see these Pure Dee pictures that I put in my Pure Dee gallery I think you all are going to become loyal followers of the Dee! A membership to Pure Dee is going to get you into the huge Pure Dee archives as well as give you access to any new pictures and videos that Pure Dee releases as soon as she makes them. It’s great! Pure Dee loves her fans and it really shows in the pictures. You’ll have to see it for yourself but Pure Dee is pure heaven!

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July 4th, 2007
Posted by Amateur teens in Amateur Teens

If you’re a fan of blondies then you’re going to love Planet Katie and her sexy little bod. There’s nothing about Planet Katie that makes her look bad. I’ve seen just about every Planet Katie video and picture set in the members area (I’m new) and to be totally honest, Planet Katie looks STUNNING in every single one of them!

Planet Katie updates her site frequently with some of the hottest teasing pictures and videos I’ve seen in a while so if you’re into that kind of thing, DEFINATELY check out Planet Katie and her website :)

Once you’re done “using” my Planet Katie picture gallery, head over to the Planet Katie website for a real honest to goodness Planet Katie members area tour where you’ll learn all about the various perks of being a new Planet Katie member.

If you can say with a straight face that you DON’T think Planet Katie is smoking hot, then you’re gay. Well, either gay or a liar because Planet Katie is freakin’ wicked sexy!

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July 2nd, 2007
Posted by Amateur teens in Amateur Teens

Earlier today, I was looking for something new, well…at least new to me that is, and I came across Kylies Secret. I’d never seen Kylies Secret before so I was simply captivatated by her and immediately found myself whisked away into the Kylies Secret members area where I spent the next few hours checking out the full size Kylies Secret pictures and downloading all the Kylies Secret videos I could get my hands on.

Kylies Secret isn’t anything new to the net, but I’ve never heard of her before so I was like a kid in a candy store once I logged in. Bouncing from picture set to picture set of Kylies Secret showing off that amazing teen body and posing so elegantly.

Once you log in, you’ll see that Kylies Secret is a master of “The Stare”. You know what I mean, that stare that says “I’m going to rape you good!” LOL Man, if I could only feel that stare of Kylies Secret in person….wow…

As a member of the Kylies Secret web site you’ll have access to each and every Kylies Secret picture and video that’s ever been made and as long as you stay a Kylies Secret member, you’ll be able to see all of the hot new pictures and videos that Kylies Secret releases from then on. So far, I’ve never been happier. Kylies Secret is my new future ex-wife LOL

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June 29th, 2007
Posted by Amateur teens in Amateur Teens

As you all know, I’m a pretty big fan of hot teens in panties. Maybe that’s why I’m so damn obsessed with Seanna Teen. If there’s one thing that Seanna Teen does better than any other solo teen that I’ve seen in a long time it’s picking some of the hottest and damn sexy little panties to show off her TIGHT body in.

Once you see my Seanna Teen picture gallery I’m sure you’ll all agree that Seanna Teen looks absolutely stunning in her cute little striped panties. Be it a hot little thong like the one in the pictures in my Seanna Teen gallery or some full back sheer panties Seanna Teen never looks bad. She’s always on top of her game and hopefully one day on top of me ;)

I can’t even imaging what it would be like to come home and go into the bedroom and see Seanna Teen all spread eagle like this on my bed just begging for me to drop it in her….man…I’m getting all hot in the shorts just thinking about how tasty that hot teen pussy would be and how running my tounge up and down her dripping wet slit would feel….

Alright…that’s it…I’m off to go rough up the suspect in the Seanna Teen members area. I’ll hopefully see you ladies there very soon! ;)

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